We are a firm that is growing at a sustainable rate by sourcing the right specialist surveyors and BIM experts.

Qualities that make an Elite Team member:

  • Highly driven, motivated, and confident.
  • Takes the time to deliver the daily tasks and projects from start to finish.
  • Ethics based on triple-checking and maintaining the client’s best interests.
  • A clear understanding that new and old methodologies and technologies are innovated, developed, and tested daily within the industry.
  • Formal qualifications.
  • The ability to take control of projects, to be the solution, and become a team player for our clients.

If you have these qualities and are looking to go to the next level in your career whilst gaining experience and respect within the industry, we want to meet you.

If are a student or you would like to start a career in surveying or BIM modelling and want to develop the qualities described above, get in touch.

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