Surveying Services

Elite Survey provides our clients with peace of mind and confidence throughout their projects construction and assists with the management of works from start to the finish on every project.

Elite Survey takes pride in guaranteeing the successful traceability and accuracy of all survey data through our Quality Management System which complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008. This process is strictly enforced and managed on each site with random internal audits and is third party certified by SAI Global.


Elite Survey will assist your projects needs in all areas including:

  • Establishment of boundary's and survey control.
  • Machine guidance data management.
  • Land survey & quantity survey's.
  • Detail surveys.
  • Road detail surveys.
  • Major and minor structural monitoring including bridge and rail.
  • Key risks and mitigation measures
  • Existing site services location survey
  • Construction & setout survey
  • Hydrographic survey utilizing unmanned drones with high precision GPS RTK.
  • Survey Interface & Survey Staffing
  • All DA survey requirements
  • Quality assurance & recording
  • Aerial photography
  • Aerial mapping & volumes
  • 3D Scanning
  • Service location
  • Point cloud data

Domestic Surveying Services

  • Permissive occupation survey for domestic waterfront licenses.
  • Identification surveys.
  • Boundary redefinition's and setout.
  • Redefinition of the Mean High Water Mark (M.H.W.M.).
  • Hydrographic surveys for waterfront properties utilizing unmanned drones with high precision GPS RTK.
  • Detail contour surveys.
  • Façade surveys.
  • Scanning surveys

All land surveys are performed under the supervision of a registered surveyor working on behalf of Elite Survey.