Marine Construction Specialists

Elite Survey Marine,

If it’s marine construction, it’s technical and therefore requires the know how!

Elite Survey works alongside the most experienced marine construction contractors and professionals available, together with the addition of our own experience and methodology there is no instance Elite Survey can’t be the solution.

Our clients have the confidence that when Elite Survey is on site they know the pile is going to be in the right spot and that if the pile walks its brought back to design! Traceability of penetration is managed and without fail all embedment data and lateral load data is recorded and reported on soundly.

iso9001This division of Elite Survey is dedicated to all surveying aspects of marine construction including mapping of the seabed for pile design purposes, setout of major marinas, import and export wharves as well as domestic water front properties.

Our Hydrographic equipment includes a duel sounding sonar for silt detection, unmanned remote control boats that have limitless access capabilities. 

Elite Survey PORT Detail Survey.